After speaking with Dr. Lanchbury, I was very impressed with his education, experience, and advanced treatments he offers. It’s wonderful to have a clinic like this in Sedona — highly recommend

Larry B.

Alive and today — That was not the case, when I 1st met Dr. Lanchbury. I was dying and I knew it. The Specialists that I had been to completely missed the diagnosis that I ended up with. Hashimoto’s, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Adrenal Exhaustion and Gut Dysbiosis and the list went on. Had I not met Dr. Lanchbury, I now know I would not be here, because my adrenal glands had failed. Had I known then what I know now I would have give up, finished dying and not been here to send all of my loved ones to this brilliant Dr. THANK YOU Dr. Lanchbury.

Vitals Patient Review

Dr. Lanchbury shows concern for the patient. He would rather use natural remedies than prescription drugs, and spend much time explaining treatments to the patient.

Vital Patient Review

Finally, a doctor who can be caring, listen and accurately diagnose me even though I’ve been to many doctors this year. He got it exactly right, and I have heard many people say the same about him. thank you Dr. Lanchbury

Vitals Patient Review


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